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Technical Assistance and Services

In addition to capital, Sequoyah Fund offers an array of services and assistance that help with your business growth and personal development.

As your business grows, needs change and Sequoyah Fund’s large network of business coaches will help you with general growth or any specific challenges your business faces. 

SCORE Consultations – in office the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month, these retired business owners/executives meet with local businesses sharing their professional knowledge of business development, marketing, human resources, accounting and bookkeeping as well as specialized skills including selling your business, business legal issues, and more. Contact Russ or Hope to schedule an appointment.

• Indianpreneurship Class: Growing Your Business in Indian Country- A follow-up to our business plan development class, this program covers 2 years of business operations and helps guide owners to grow and strengthen their business along side other businesses. Ideal for new business owners and businesses looking to expand. Contact Hope for more information about this class.

You may also schedule an appointment with Sequoyah Fund staff. We are available to help you create new policies, get your financials in order, develop marketing materials, contract with the government, or simply to talk to about your business.  

A creative way to leave your home office. We provide office/desk space for your business; access to technology like laptop rental, wifi, copy machine, fax; conference room rental; and hands on business development services from Sequoyah Fund and their partners. Learn more

Hope Huskey
Director of Program Development
Email Hope

Russ Seagle
Executive Director
Email Russ

Your financial wellness affects the health of your business. Services like insurance, bonds, utilities, and more are provided based on your personal financials, especially your credit score. The higher your score the more money your business is able to save through interest rates, premiums, and fees. These savings also apply to your personal life. In order to assist Sequoyah Fund has developed programs to get you and your business in the best financial shape.

• Free Credit Check and Review

• Credit Coaching – Sequoyah Fund has credit coaches on staff to review and educate you on your credit report and score. One-on-one counseling is available to help correct credit report errors, dispute discrepancies, and develop a plan for increasing your score.

• Spending/Savings Plan – Budgeting is all about setting goals and creating a plan to meet those goals. We can help you budget for life and business and create a pathway for extra money to help you meet your goals.

• Credit When Credit Is Due – A self-study text designed to help individuals gain a better knowledge of money issues and responsibility revolving around the world of credit.

• Intensive counseling/Debt Management Programs – Our partnership with consumer credit counseling agency, OnTrack, provides intensive counseling and debt management programs to individuals. OnTrack meets with clients in Sequoyah Fund offices monthly.

For more information about any aspects of Technical Assistance and Training call Hope at 828-359-5005 or email her to schedule an appointment.




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